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Application Process

Awards from the BRSAF are need-based, and are provided to support the achievements, goals, and aspirations of graduates of Boothbay Region High School.

To apply for a grant from BRSAF, students must complete the FAFSA form. Information about the FAFSA is available on the US Department of Education's website at

On this page you will find the eligibility and award criteria along with the award payment schedule, important dates, and a link to an application checklist. PLEASE read through this information ENTIRELY prior to completing the application form.


Students who are graduates of Boothbay Region High School who are continuing their education in any approved post-secondary education program.

Award Criteria

Grants are based on two criteria:
1. Financial Need as determined by your institution.
2. The BRSAF award formula.

How We Calculate Our Awards

Grants from the BRSAF are based on a percentage of unmet need as determined by subtracting the student's financial aid package and expected family contribution (EFC) from the school's total cost of attendance (COA). The percentage is generally lower for freshman (graduating seniors) attending their first year of school than it is for students in later years.

For example:
COA less School Award (loan/grants) less EFC = Unmet Need

All years: Unmet Need multiplied by a percentage based on available funds = BRSAF Award

Each year the BRSAF Board determines the overall grant percentages based on the results of the annual fund drive and available monies from the invested funds.These percentages vary from year to year.

Application Process

1. File your FAFSA at
2. Fill out the BRSAF online application (link in right column).
3. Print out or send electronically your Student Aid Fund Report (SAR) from the FAFSA. (This document can be 5-6 pages long).
4. Print out and sign or digitally sign the Financial Release Form (link in right column).
5. Obtain and send the current year financial award package from your institution.
6. Submit all forms by email to or by mail to:
    PO Box 293
    Boothbay Harbor, ME 04538

Graduating Seniors - May 1
BRHS Alumni - June 1

Each institution has it's own policy on how outside aid is treated when determining financial aid packages. Most financial aid offices will work with families so that outside aid does not adversely affect the financial aid package, but families should check the policy for each school. There are many variables involved in determining each student’s award amount, including the varying costs of different institutions, the institution's policy on outside aid, and each student's EFC (Expected Family Contribution). Each grant awarded by the BRSAF is specific to the individual student and is confidential.


One half of an award is sent to the institution in July, and the second half is sent in December. If you have questions about your award being sent, please contact us at

Helpful Links for Financial Aid


For high school seniors: Applications must be completed by May 1.
For all other students: Applications must be completed by June 1.

Supporting Materials

For high school seniors: Boothbay Region High School Guidance Department.
For all other students: BRSAF, PO Box 293, Boothbay Harbor, ME 04538

High school seniors will be notified of their award just after graduation. All other applicants will be notified by mid-June.